Index of Symbols

Each symbol is dominated by a particular colour that corresponds to the stripes mentioned on the welcome page. Follow that stripe and you will be led to the section indicated.

    Infodesk - The information desk, or this page, that explains the layout of the fortress.

    Recreation Level - The recreation levels, dedicated to hobbies and part time interests.

    Power Complex - The power generation facilities needed to support life.

    Transport Level - Teleport facilities to other sites.

    Archives and Storage Level - Archived information and equipment.

    Notice-board - Notice-board of events.

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  • Saturday 31st of May
    Added an entry on the Armageddon Pulp Expo to the Events section. Updated the Sport and Vintage Aviation Show page to correct a few errors. A large update to the Terran Trade Authority Handbooks page thanks to the kind submissions of readers giving me cover scans of the foreign editions of the series. I almost have all the covers now. Finally I add a new backdrop image to the backdrops page.
  • Monday 24th of March
    Added Ergo Proxy volume 4 & related speculations and Samurai 7 volume 4 to the anime section. Updated Ergo 3 Speculation, Samurai 7 volume 3 and Yukikaze volume 1 to correct a few spelling errors and one or two names that were wrong. Also in the books section updated the Inversions entry to sort out some clumsy english that managed to sneak past me.

    Finally added the new Tech Tidbits page to let me list the odder little technical issues I have solved and hopefully allow others to avoid the hair pulling required to solve it.

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