At the end of the brown corridor you pass through a doorway into a warehouse. Items are crated and stacked in carefully ordered piles around the room and meticulously neat labels are stuck on every crate.

Every so often a quiet hum betrays the movement of a cargo 'bot as it shifts some nameless piece of equipment to an unknown destination. Further down the main aisle between the crates a supervisor 'bot is overseeing a team of three cargo 'bots moving a particularly large item.

Noticing you it rolls over and comes to a gentle stop in front of you. Examining you for a moment with it's cool black sensor eye it then speaks with the tone of someone frequently exasperated, "I suppose you are here to look at some of the stored material, just after I got it all packed too."

It hands you a pad. "Well come on then, lets hear it. What do you want?"

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