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Last modified on the 19th of August 2006

This is a weekly introductory posting intended to aid newcomers to the newsgroups in finding the right place to post, where the various FAQs lurk and general conventions observed in the groups. For reader convenience this document can be found on the WWW, in a hypertext format, at :-


The Comp.Sys.Acorn newsgroups are dedicated to the discussion of all matters Acorn. Before launching into the groups it is worthwhile spending a moment or two identifying which newsgroup to post to, whether or not your question has been answered already in one of the FAQ lists and whether or not your post conforms to the general guidelines that constitute netiquette. Failure to check on the appropriateness of your post generally results in you being reminded, frequently politely, of your mistake - both publicly and privately.


Here are the charters for each Acorn group, as defined when the group was voted for and created. (These copies of the charters have been mildly edited to ensure relevance.) The charters roughly define what constitutes appropriate topics for discussion in the group. If none of the groups quite fit, then it is possible your message is best suited to the misc group.


Distribution of binaries for Acorn machines.

This is a moderated newsgroup, posts should be sent to the moderator at cba@bridge.wn.planet.gen.nz and not posted directly to the newsgroup. (Well configured news software will do this automatically for you.)


Here you can hold long debates why the ARM610 is better than the 586, why Translator's user interface is so very bad (or good!), or why Acorn should lower their prices. If you hold your wars here, the people who want to actually *do* things can get on with their work in the other Acorn groups.


This will be a low-noise group in which announcements about (products for) Acorn computers or the ARM can be made, as well as additions to public archives, FAQ lists, virus alerts etc.

This is a moderated newsgroup, posts should be sent to the moderators at csaa@owlart.net and not posted directly to the newsgroup. (Well configured news software will do this redirection for you automatically.)


For discussions of software packages and applications on Acorn machines from a *user* viewpoint. There should be no programming discussions in this group.


Comp.sys.acorn.extra-cpu is open to discussion on all aspects of processor cards for the Acorn range of computers. The scope of discussion includes setting up problems, compatibility issues, hardware matters, multiprocessing operating systems (e.g. TAOS) and anything else which relates to these cards. The scope of discussion specifically excludes matters which *solely* relate to the processor in question, which should be discussed in the appropriate group.


comp.sys.acorn.games serves as a forum for the discussion of games on Acorn machines. Topics that may be discussed include:


For discussions of hardware on Acorn machines from both technical and user viewpoints.


For discussions which do not fit into any of the other categories. Please try to put your post in the correct group, before you resort to posting here.


For discussions of networking on Acorn machines, this includes modems, tcp/ip software, WWW browsers, ethernet cards and other comms hardware and software.


For discussions of Acorn related programming matters. This includes Acorn specific C, BASIC, Assembler (6502 or ARM.) Generic ARM code should be discussed in comp.sys.arm.

FAQ Lists

Various FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) Lists abound for the Acorn world. Their aim is to answer commonly asked questions before they get asked in the newsgroup. Hopefully this will reduce both the redundant traffic and the annoyance factor for long time readers, as well as helping the newcomer to the group.


As with any social group there is a basic standard of behaviour expected of group members. This is primarily intended to facilitate easy, relaxed and fruitful discussion amongst members with a minimum of conflict and strife. If entirely new to Usenet, then subscribing to news.announce.newusers and reading the FAQs there is an extremely good idea. However general advice includes :-

Other than that just being generally polite is a good rule of thumb. That and enjoy yourself, the newsgroups are here for you to enjoy just as much as anyone else.

All additions, corrections & suggestions for this document should be sent to banksie@khantazi.org. Being the maintainer of this document I reserve the right to be wrong, incorrect, slow, out of date and generally how I please with it.
Philip R. Banks
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