Transport Centre

Descending deep into the bowels of the complex you noticed that the black stripe swells in length till eventually it covers all the walls in matt darkness. A small door hiss gently open and admits you into a room where pent up power is stored in vast amounts.

The hair on the back of your neck stands up and a general unease pervades the place. Not helped by the black colour scheme. Centrally placed is a raised glowing blue disc about a metre in diameter. A console is set into the floor just outside the disc and both are on a platform on gray metal.

Somehow the place is well lit from above with no obvious sign of lights...

"Please step onto the disc and select your destination on the touch sensitive console. After a few seconds, when sufficient power has been amassed, you will be teleported to the selected destination."

You hestitate for a moment, remembering all those nasty things that you read about transport acccidents.

"You needn't be alarmed. This facility has been thoroughly tested and all safety features are enabled. At worst the transport will simply fail to occcur."

It seems amused by your reticence and chuckles quietly to itself.

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