Power Complex

"Absolute power doesn't corrupt absolutely, it merely attracts the absolutely corrupt" - Frank Herbert

Following the red stripe you are lead down, deep into the bowels of the complex. Gradually the bright lighting of the entrance dims down to a more subdued level. Cables snake along the wall and an industrial air creeps in.

Finally the corridor opens out into a viewing gallery that overlooks a gallery of strange equipment. Some of it moving, some of it standing - staidly changing lights in complex patterns across itself. Signs indicate sub sections of equipment, most of them you can't quite make out. But the ones that you can read include 'Autonomic Responses', 'Image Analysis' & 'Syntax Analyser'. Some of the machinery looks complex, some simple and yet others look deceptively simple.

A locked door leads out to the left down metal stairs to the gallery floor. Mounted at strategic locations around the window railing are touch screens with brief informational blurbs and logos on them. On closer inspection the logos reveal themselves to be small diagrams outlining the machines associated with the text of the display.

Philip R. Banks
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